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Prague 7 - Holesovice

The new project of the Aparthotel is designed to stand next to the iconic Parkhotel in Prague's Holesovice. The Aparthotel has been intentionally designed to compliment and highlight the neighboring Parkhotel, built in the 1970s. The new building will have a total of six floors, consisting of one-room and two-room apartments and its two-level underground parkade will provide parking for both the Parkhotel and the Aparthotel visitors. On the ground floor, commercial units suitable for restaurants, bistros, various services and shops are planned which will naturally bring life to the building. On the second floor, the project includes a common green roof, which will serve not only the residential units that are directly adjacent to it, but also as a place of meeting and relaxation for residents. Additionally, part of the roof on the top floor will also be greened. The public space will also be revived by the addition of trees and seating areas along Veletrzni Street, which was coordinated with the IPR Prague’s Letna’s Crossroads architectural study. As architects, we had to respect the historical zones, monuments and genius loci. Prague’s Holesovice district is known for its rectangular network of streets and blocks of flats. The Aparthotel will complete a block in line with the shopping centre and will cover the unattractive facade on the side. LOXIA provided the architectural study and the planning permit.


23 550 m2




Holešovice Office Center


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