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Prague 7 - Troja

The grounds of this farm from the 17th century had fallen into disrepair since the 1950s. Now, it has been transformed into luxurious housing combining 17th century monuments with the comforts of the 21st century. Despite the extraordinary complexity of rescue work with an uncertain result, the team of architects and the developer, under the uncompromising supervision of conservationists, decided to preserve the valuable buildings and a unique genius loci for future generations. The historic buildings were almost irreversibly damaged by the absence of long-term maintenance, which made them vulnerable and revealed their weaknesses. So much so that the Vltava flood of 2002 completed the work of destruction and devastation. Thus, non-traditional and expensive construction procedures had to be undertaken. The construction and reconstruction work also included a number of modern and technically interesting elements, such as a unique glass elevator and sliding windows controlled by a weather station and more. Given that the complete reconstruction and preservation of historical monuments made economic sense, thanks only to the creation of new buildings, it was necessary to find a solution where the original historic buildings and new modern buildings fit together and blend naturally with the environment, but also fit the lifestyle of the 21st century. The Baroque mansards are the link between all the buildings, both old and new. In the original parts, we managed to preserve the impressive dormers and vaults, which bring other interesting elements to the interiors. In both parts, the architects designed 72 apartments. The new buildings have terraces and balconies from which there are pleasant views of the surrounding monuments. The 6 luxury penthouses on the top floors have separate parking spaces, a private entrance from the garage, a private elevator, a wine cellar and a spa.

In 2019, the Chateau Troja Residence development project won an award from both the public and the expert jury in the ‘Real Estate Project of the Year 2019’ competition. LOXIA provided comprehensive services of an architect and general designer from the phase of the architectural study, planning and building permits and elaboration of tender and execution documentation to author's supervision


Part of the exclusive residential area also has charming romantic gardens connected to the geometric French gardens of the Troja Castle. The apartments on the lowest floors have access to private landscaped front gardens. In the main courtyard there is a well that is replicated, respecting the historic style of the chateau. In addition to newly planted trees, flowering perennials and ornamental grasses, the gardens also include circular and vertical water features. In the French park we created pleasant nooks and benches for places to relax. A walk through the gardens with all vistas, promenades with shady nooks thus offers residents and visitors a unique and serene experience.


10 800 m2


2008 - 2020




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