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Prague 6  - Břevnov

Near the historic homestead Kajetánka in Prague in Břevnov, whose history dates back to the 16th century, a residential complex was created, sharing the park with historic buildings. In the 17th century, Kajetánka served as a small monastery and was later rebuilt into a picturesque chateau. Unfortunately, in 1948 the building was expropriated and fell into disrepair throughout the 20th century. Due to the condition of the building, the reconstruction costs were so high that the city did not fund its renovation. In the end, however, a way was found to breathe new life into the dilapidated structure. In exchange for the reconstruction of Kajetanka, the city allowed for the careful construction of new additional residential houses. As part of the reconstruction the chateau preserved its disposition, the dominant features are still the grand hall and lounges on both sides of the staircase. The building is now used as a restaurant, so on the ground floor there is a kitchen with appropriate facilities and on the first floor there is an administrative block for managing the building. The newly built housing complex consists of 145 apartments in 3 four-storey buildings and 1 five-storey building. The four-storey new buildings have two underground floors. The basements combine a range of storage cellars, technical rooms (including a boiler room) and parking spaces. On the upper floors the apartments are accessible by two staircases and a lift. The solitary five-storey building has a roof terrace and an attic. The design included not only the reconstruction of the historic chateau and the construction of new residential buildings, but also the renovation of the Orangery. The historically valuable Baroque Orangery was built in the middle of the 18th century and was rebuilt for residential purposes during the 19th century. After reconstruction, this building offers luxury living, which provides all the comforts and modern conveniences. Some apartments have their own front gardens and are multi-storey, perfect for modern family living. The Kajetanka residential complex received several awards in the Real Estate Project 2011: the Expert Jury Award for 2nd place in the Czech Republic, the Expert Jury Award for 1st place in Prague 6 and the Public Award in Prague 6. LOXIA provided comprehensive services of an architect and general designer from the phase of changing the master plan, the architectural study, planning and building permits and elaboration of tender and execution documentation to author's supervision.


Part of this project was also an extensive modification of the park, pond and adjacent pedestrian paths and roads. We managed to preserve a large amount of the original healthy greenery and vegetation. Of course, there was also the planting of new trees and shrubs and also the planting of climbing vines and greenery on the retaining walls. The existing pond, which is an important natural element, has also been rehabilitated and numerous stone sculptures have been restored and revived. The revitalized Kajetanka Park now offers a pleasant place to relax and is open to the public. Barrier-free access is available for wheelchairs and families with strollers.


10 450 m2


2007 - 2015 (last stage)


BOZNER s.r.o.


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