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Prague 9  - Hloubětín

The multifunctional LAPPI project (meaning Lapland in Finnish) will build on the almost completed neighbouring SUOMI district in Hloubetin, Prague. Almost 900 people will find a new home here in three apartment buildings, with one building intended for commerce and services. Construction work is planned to take place between 2021 and 2024. The Lapland inspiration is included in both the entire project and the individual buildings, which are named after the villages in Lapland: KEMI, TORNIO, RANUA and OSTO. The KEMI and TORNIO apartment buildings have facilities for commercial units on the ground floor, and the RANUA building will be purely residential housing. The centre of the complex is the TORNIO building, in the immediate vicinity of a newly designed park with greenery and playgrounds. The shortest building which is named OSTO will be fully ready for commercial use by smaller establishments and shops. Additionally, there is an area of approximately 2,700m2 designated for a bank and a large supermarket which are included in the project plans. The areas immediately in front of the buildings will be used for common landscaping and also as front gardens belonging to each unit. Similar to the SUOMI project, the complex will use a comprehensive rainwater retention system for landscaping with minimal impact on the environment, aligning with the Low-Impact Development initiative. For this purpose, a number of elements will be built here, such as retention tanks, a system of retention gutters with overflow, and ridges and shallow ditches with an infiltration function. LOXIA provided the architectural study, planning and building permit documentation and the architect’s supervision.


17 250 m2


from 2017 - before implementation


YIT Stavo s.r.o.


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Prague 9 - Hloubetin

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