Praha 7

Projekt CHATEAU TROJA Rezidence Praha 7

The unique project of a residential complex situated in the unique environment – close neighbourhood of the Chateau Troja with its gardens. The project combines six listed historical buildings and seven new modern buildings. The new french gardens, that are partly private, and the private gardens located next to the apartments on the lowest floor are the part of the complex. Together 69 luxurious apartments, restaurants and commercial areas are designed in the complex. The underground parking is situated under the new buildings.

LOXIA a.s. mission: complete architect´s and general designer´s services in the phase of architectural study plus Planning and Building permits obtaining


The manor-house and the farmstead were built by the count Vaclav Vojtech from Sternberg together with the northern wing of the Troja pleasure house at the end of the 17th century. The refurbishment was done toward the end of the 18th century when the old post-office (object B), large stables and more farmhouses were built. In the first third of the 19th century, the house got a new Classicist gate and underwent further adjustments. About 100 years later the building of a factory was finished between the residential building and the stables on the southern edge of the yard. Since 1980 the complex has been breaking up due to the long-standing restitution disputes. In 2002 the whole area was swamped. Since 2009 the preservation works on the existing buildings have been underway and the project for new exploitation of the manor-house has been worked on.

Celková užitná plocha

8 300 m2


2013 - 2019