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Prague 12  - Modřany

The Rarach residential building was named after the Sumenky candy which was once produced by the Modrany sugar factory. It is one of the three residential buildings in the U Cukrovaru project. It has a total of 121 apartments in a range of sizes from 1+kk with an area of ​​37 m2, to a comfortable 4+kk with an area of ​​107 m2. More than half of the apartments are 3+kk and 4+kk, which meet the needs of families with children. As in the Hubnerky A & B buildings, all the apartments have balconies or terraces and the ground floor properties offer practical front gardens. In the basement of the building there are 131 parking spaces and plenty of storage cellars for residents. Together with the Hubnerky A & B apartment buildings, they form one project and are situated at the attractive location of the former sugar factory warehouses in Modrany, Prague. The five-storey Hubnerky A & B apartment buildings are interconnected by a parkade on the first underground floor. The houses have a total of 121 apartments and 4 studios with layouts from 1+kk with an area of ​​28 m2, to a generous 4+kk with an area of ​​almost 100 m2, and features terraces with an area of 80 m2. The Rarach and Hubnerky A & B apartment buildings feature a bike room for storing and washing bikes on the ground floor, which can also be used by families with strollers and dog owners in inclement weather. All three apartment buildings are designed with a certificate of energy performance rating of B. The project was implemented between 2013 and 2017. LOXIA provided the architectural study, planning and building permit documentation, execution documentation, up to and including the author's supervision.


2013 - 2017


Skanska Reality a.s.


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