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Prague 9 - Hloubetin

The existing warehouse and industrial complex, TESLA Hloubetin, will be turned into a modern residential area in the next few years. LOXIA is working on project documentation and the master plan is currently being changed. In 2022 the investor, Central Group, will start construction on a project that will result in around 1,500 new apartments, shops, restaurants, cafes, services, lots of greenery and civic amenities. The aim is to create pleasant and affordable places to live.The areas of Hloubetin and Vysocany in Prague are undergoing a very dynamic transformation. The industrial past of brownfields gives way to the future. Most of the commercial space on the ground floor of the buildings will be located on Podebradska Street, which will bring life to the area with shops, restaurants, cafes and services. The apartment buildings on Podebradska Street will be shaded by a quiet green courtyard with trees, which will create space for recreation. There will be a number of playgrounds for children of different ages, a fitness centre for adults and a court for petanque. In the centre of the complex there will also be space for the placement of an art installation. This will keep with the style of the industrial past of the location and will blend with the new architectural design of the buildings. For example, a facade made of stacked bricks laid with mortar is widely used. On one hand, the buildings along Podebradska will have a more metropolitan feel, whilst on the other hand, the terraced floors facing the green courtyard offer quiet family living. The back of the complex towards the Horejsi pond will consist of low-rise multi-family houses and higher apartment buildings with family flats. The size of the buildings in this project are very different but by using unifying elements they form a harmonious whole. LOXIA provided the architectural study, the planning permit documentation and the architect’s supervision.


120 000 m2


2018 - preparations started
(documentation for zoning decisions)


Central Group a.s.


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