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Prague 8 - Dolní Chabry

NOVE CHABRY is the name of the entire urban project which is located in Prague 8 - Dolní Chabry. It is a new self-sufficient residential district consisting of apartment buildings complemented by a new square with shops and services. Part of this project also features a park connecting to the centre of the ‘old’ Dolní Chabry. Phases E & F are finished, Phase G is currently under construction and Phases H & I are being designed.


NOVE CHABRY offers apartments ranging from 1+kk to 4+kk. Each apartment has either a balcony, terrace or front garden. Among the civic amenities in Nové Chabry you can find a restaurant, wine shop, grocery store, as well as a fitness centre. There is also an extensive network of cycle paths for people to enjoy.

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