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Prague 8 - Cimice

The Nad Cimickym udolim 1,2,3, or the Camovka 1,2,3 project, was a challenge for us to save the local environment which was devalued by former military repair shops. Now this area in Prague 8 is gradually being transformed into a desirable residential district situated in a quiet location between Cimicky haj and Bohnicky areal. The first building of the Nad Cimickym udolim was completed in 2016, the second will welcome its residents at the end of 2021, and the third is currently being designed. In the vicinity of the forested Cimicky udolim, a new district is being created with apartments ranging in size from 35 to 120 m2, with functionally designed layouts from 1+kk to 5+kk. The apartments also have their own parking spaces and cellars and have either balconies, terraces or front gardens. Naturally, commercial units such as shops, restaurants and other civic amenities will also be added for practical living. As an example, a private kindergarten already operates in Residence Camovka 1. An extensive park with greenery, water features and playgrounds will also be placed throughout the area.


Following the Nad Cimickym udolim 1 & 2 stages, the 3rd stage of the residential project, with its own connecting park, is being created. The overall concept of the park is a system of geometrically arranged paths, creating a network of triangles.The park is interwoven with paths with light gray paving, which meets the requirements for public spaces. The entrance to the park is formed by an imaginary gate by incorporating a weather-proof corten steel into the tiling design. The connecting element of the whole park is the use of water from retention tanks, draining the whole complex using a hand-held water pump. It is therefore possible to fill the stream with water that flows through the park through a simple pavement ditch. That is why we chose to create a touch of natural stream landscaping with defined zones of wild and untreated greenery including ornamental grasses, wild shrubs and a solitary rock. The square will consist of light concrete paving with cut tiles for the terrain. The location of the trees and maintained lawns will ensure the accessibility of the entire square. Some areas will be covered with dark gravel. The workout zone consists of a paved impact surface and includes exercise and recreational equipment including, for example, a basketball hoop, a chess board and a ping pong table. On the playground, the impact surface will be made of rubber tiles from recycled sources which are flexible, durable, safe and environmentally friendly. There will also be a fenced dog meadow with a water fountain and obstacles designed for dog training. As in most dog parks, there will be a stand containing bags for dog owners to pick up after their pets and waste bins for disposal. Also, there will be a picnic area with seating and a barbecue. The furniture will be made of minimalist white blocks made of highly durable, practical and maintenance-free concrete and will also be complemented by corten weather-proof steel. The side road system will be made using concrete tiles laid in a gravel bed. The main vegetation in the park will be represented mainly by chestnut, hornbeam and birch trees, supplemented by ornamental grasses and wild flowering perennials.


71 330 m2


2011 - to date




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