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Bulding Information Modeling

Many of our buildings are designed using the BIM methodology. The individual stages of documentation are submitted to the investor in the respective agreed stage of ‘LOD’, which is the determination of the graphical and non-graphical level of detail of the 3D model.


Our documentation is usually carried out using the BIM methodology with all professional parts. The entire design team works on one model at the same time so each designer, even if they do not sit directly in our studio, always has the latest version of the building model and the models of other professions every minute and can react immediately to make any changes.


As a general designer, this solution suits us best. There is no need to constantly connect and insert new models and check for the correct installation, etc. Models of HVAC, structural analysis, and construction are usually created in compatible software, which is the most ideal way to design a single project.


Designing in 3D requires very good cooperation from all participating professions. Compared to 2D design, 3D has a great advantage as many things are easier to solve because they are visible directly in 3D, as if they were already on the construction site. It is easier to detect various complications and find their solution on the computer before the actual implementation.


BIM also brings many benefits for the management and maintenance of the building throughout its life cycle.



... more BIM projects under construction

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