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Prague 12  - Modřany

A town hall is meant to be a symbol of the city and its historical significance, so perhaps our three distinctive white cubes, which makeup Modrany’s town hall, remind us of what used to be symbolic for Modřany: sugar cubes! It is a reference to the historic sugar factory, which was the first of its kind in Bohemia. Subsequently, a variety of factories were built alongside the famous sugar refinery, which elevated the then agricultural village of Modrany to become a part of the capital city of Prague in 1968. Since 1994, Modrany has become a large part of the district we now know as Prague 12, which also includes the neighbourhoods of Komorany, Kamyk, Tocna and Cholupice. Thus, Prague 12 has a total population of over 60,000. Therefore, there has been a demand over the decades for the creation of a new dignified and representative town hall, where the seven current administrative buildings, which are scattered throughout the quarter, will be brought together into one building. The New Town Hall of Prague 12 is located on Generala Sisky Street and consists of three simple cubes. In front of the main facade, oriented to the west, a piazzetta was created which provides a place for gatherings and associated small events such as markets, festivities or concerts. This space ends between the columns of the facade, which creates a covered portico and leads people to the entrance hall. The two-storey entrance hall has a reception, and hosts a bistro, cafe and several other small business units, which makes up the core. The town hall includes a large multifunctional hall, and in addition to housing regular council meetings, other cultural events can take place such as dance lessons, small theater performances, but also exhibitions, trade shows or markets. This hall is connected via the foyer to the restaurant, which will serve both town hall employees and the public. On the top floor of the western cube there is a new ceremonial hall with access to a large rooftop terrace. The new town hall is a contemporary building, with the design process taking place completely in the BIM system. LOXIA provided the architectural study, planning and building permit documentation (including negotiations), execution documentation, the author's supervision and as-built documentation


12 700 m2


2016 - 2021


Prague 12 District 


Society for the New Town Hall of Prague 12


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