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Prague 2 - Nové Město

Folimanka Park is located on the border of Vinohrady, Nusle and Nové Město. Folimanka Park was redeveloped in the 1970s. In 2007, the park underwent extensive reconstruction. The eastern parts of the park and the so-called "plaza" under the Nusel Bridge remained unchanged. There are a large number of sculptures in the park, some of which have been removed and are currently stored in a depository. An interesting element of the park is the Velká Kaskáda fountain, which is in urgent need of reconstruction. One of the key points of the proposal is the clear demarcation of the new public space.


One of the main elements of the leisure area is a multi-purpose area in the form of a large blue oval. During the summer months it will serve as a fun sports, recreational or even dancing area with interactive elements for children. During the colder winter months, the oval will be transformed into an ice rink for public skating. The ice rink's cooling technology will be mobile and will be installed for the winter only.


A kiosk with an associated public toilet will also be an important part of the site, consisting of two timber buildings clad in cement chipboard in grey. Both projects will be partially covered by a steel pergola with a green roof. The kiosk will not only be used for refreshments, but also as a rental of sports equipment such as ice skates or pétanque balls. In close proximity to these service facilities, we will also find a sand-wood bordered pétanque court.


We have also incorporated an artificial grass exercise area or a ring of ping-pong tables into the design. Nearby, a rounded playground with a water pump will also be placed, creating an interactive water feature for children and bringing pleasant refreshment in the hot summer months. There will also be a large number of new benches, tables and chairs designed for a pleasant gathering with friends or family.


LOXIA provides comprehensive services of architect and general designer from the stage of architectural study, building permit and elaboration of implementation documentation to author's supervision.




Prague 2 District


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