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LOXIA has been building upon its philosophy for a quarter of a century, gathering experience and creating systems resulting in true design evolution.

LOXIA has long-standing tradition combined with a strong reputation to lean on.


LOXIA means curve in Latin. Why a curve and what does it mean for us? The curve is not a straight line nor is it a pen stroke. It's not rigid or mundane, and it's not chaotic or incongruent.


The curve is a thoughtful motion. The curve has the preciseness of a straight line and the freedom of a pen stroke. Constructing it requires clear and thoughtful strokes which rewards you with its grace and elegance. The curve is logical and mathematical, it is never random. It must include uniformity, stability, and have reverence for laws.


This is how we at LOXIA create. Responsibly and thoughtfully, yet with freedom and ingenuity.

Since its inception in 1995, LOXIA has invested its ideas and philosophy in more than one hundred large projects. Some of them have naturally become an integral part of Prague’s historic landscape during this time.


An example is KPMG's headquarters in Florenc, a building that has not changed occupants throughout its existence, confirming that its construction is a success. Similarly, two unassuming yet bold projects are the Bredovsky dvur complex, which is a combination of a major restoration along with a new building, and the Budejovicka Alej administrative building. Both of these projects represent LOXIA's philosophy of blending innovative solutions with respect for their surroundings. LOXIA has made its mark in architecture in many other cities, from Karlovy Vary to Nitra, including OC Futurum in Hradec Kralove and OC Atrium Palace Pardubice. LOXIA has also embraced the construction of factories, which includes Schneider Electric in Pisek and the stunning new Opavia factory in Opava, with its impressive bold design. LOXIA has several hotels in their portfolio, including work at the Four Season Hotel. Additionally, LOXIA has built many public buildings, including kindergartens and schools, among which the Austrian Grammar School stands out, and the soon-to-be completed New Town Hall building in Prague 12.


The main focus of LOXIA in recent years has been residential projects. Some projects worthy of mentioning are the beautifully reconstructed Kajetanka, surrounded by a newly designed park, lined with above-standard residences, and open fields in Modrany, Vysocany or Hloubetin, where several thousand flats have already been built according to LOXIA designs.


Some recent examples of completed projects are the Argentinska office building, the Terraces of Brevnov and the beautiful exclusive Chateau Troja Residence complex. LOXIA can apply all its experience in the design of private villas and homesteads.


For a quarter of a century, LOXIA not only designed, engineered and built structures, but also educated many architects and engineers, always relying on team spirit and a friendly atmosphere under the guidance of its founder, leader and chief architect, Milan Veselý. During this time, he also managed to raise a new generation of leaders. A few years ago, Jana Mastíková took over the role of chief architect and Michal Hendrych became the chief engineer. Both of them have been involved with many projects at LOXIA over the last ten years instilling LOXIA’s philosophy and passion which will allow them to lead LOXIA to success in the future. Jiří Eichler, who has been with LOXIA since its inception 25 years ago, has recently taken over the role of director. Today, this quartet of three generations is the power and driving force of LOXIA.




We love when we can grasp a new project. We carefully listen to our client's wishes, dreams and set a vision. However, a vision without a plan would remain a dream. Therefore, we analyze the inputs, plot the path and plan how to go about it.


From the beginning, we see the finished project standing before our eyes, and that is the goal to which our path leads. Our projects are a part of us, like our children. Every new child is unique, and this is how we approach each project. We do not repeat duplicated solutions, we create freely. We draw upon both from our tradition and previous experience. Also, we look around us analyzing what is happening in society, and try to predict what will come.


We also have experts in landscaping and interior designing on the team so that our work is as comprehensive as possible. We are looking for both aesthetic and operationally sustainable, economical and commercially successful quality. That is why our clients trust us, because they know that they will reach their goals with us.


We fight for our projects every day just as we fight for our children. We do not give up and we struggle, with joy. The match begins first with architects on paper, where we have to combine the expectations of the client, the expectations of the authorities, the expectations of the company and the expectations of our own.


During the first phase, the architectural study phase, the partner for the client is the architect, who also gathers feedback from engineers within LOXIA. After the study, our child also gets a second parent, an engineer. The architect and the engineer must reconcile everything in the project so that the aesthetic, operational and economic quality work together. Both parents are in charge of engineering and make sure that the project obtains all the necessary permits and that the fight is victorious.


It does not end for us by obtaining a permit. As attentive parents, we want to see our child grow up and oversee his growth.

Architects leave their role to engineers and they give our child a professional school so that he can stand up in the world and be able to stand proud among others. For some projects, we want to go even further and manage their construction, for which we have a department.


And for some projects, we want to stay even longer as administrators of the model and provide support for its future development, which is why we have and are developing a facility department.

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