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Prague 12 - Modřany 

The premises of the future Kindergarten Mydlinky is located in Prague 12 - Modřany between K Beránku, Lešetínská and Dolnocholupická streets. The land is slightly sloping and descends from southeast to northwest. There are two main entrances to the kindergarten and premises for parents with children. The new construction of the kindergarten includes four classrooms for 28 children, a kitchen with a stove for 160 meals and an eco-clubhouse for the ecological and environmental education of children. The building is designed in accordance with Passive House Standards which is an architectural solution that uses the most advanced technologies and construction procedures which respect the environment. Direction orientation, soil insulation, heat recovery and controlled ventilation through recuperation is used. The building's energy label will therefore be graded as A. The higher initial investment will be cost-effective in the long run and the annual energy consumption for heating will not exceed 15 kWh per 1 m2, which is about 1/3 of the consumption compared to the low-energy saving standard. The building incorporated into the slope will also save space on the land, which will be used for the eco-clubhouse with small animals. Rabbits or chickens can run on the lawn in the area and on the roof. There are also many existing trees and shrubs on the plot, which will be preserved after dendrological treatment. The project therefore works with nature, which is already in place and only brings a new modern element to it. Experts on permaculture and the principles of sustainable cultivation also participated in the planning of greenery as well as flower beds. Children will be able to establish, maintain, harvest and compost them together. There will also be several playgrounds and climbing apparatuses made of natural materials. The kindergarten adjacent to K Beránku street will be converted into a one-way street so that lengthwise parking spaces will be preserved. Paved speed bumps will be placed in the middle for safe passage to and from the building, the adjacent public playground and to the apartment buildings from the brownfield of the former sugar factory. The new kindergarten will be a modern building, which is also helped by the design process, which takes place completely in the BIM system. LOXIA provided the architectural study, planning and building permits and execution documentation.


1 450 m2


2019 – to date


Prague 12 District 



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