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Prague 3 - Žižkov

A new kindergarten is to be established on the land of the former Žižkov freight station as part of “The Park” district project in Prague 3. The location’s history directly influenced the use of trains, which children love, as the main motif for the interior and exterior. The project is inspired by the playfulness and colours from the popular children’s television cartoon series named Pohadky o masinkach. The building has two floors above-ground and one floor underground. In the main building there will be the kindergarten hall and facilities. Three colorful pavilions, in which six classrooms are designed, slide into the main building and imitate the trains entering the depot. Each of the classrooms are designed for a maximum of 24 children from the age of 3 and up. The classrooms on the first floor can be converted into a class for two-year-olds.The main area of the hall consists of a staircase and a slide! This space serves as an indoor playground in case of bad weather. It can also be used for parent-teacher meetings. On the second floor there is a gymnasium and a specialized classroom. In the basement there is a kitchen and technical facilities. Food from the kitchen is transported by lift to the special serving rooms, which are on each floor. Additionally, there is a small house outside in the garden, which serves as a storage room for outdoor toys but also includes a washroom, an emergency shower and a water fountain for when the children play outside. LOXIA provided architectural study and planning permit documentation.


1 700 m2


2018 - preparation


Central Group a.s.


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