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Praha 12 - Modřany

‘Modranka’ used to be a popular lemonade brand produced by the Modrany sugar factory. Now Modranka is a residential complex on the site of the brownfields of the former Modrany sugar factory. The residential complex consists of 12 residential sections and 1 multifunctional building. The complex contains 292 apartments ranging from 1+kk to 5+kk, an administrative and retail space, and a large park and playground in the centre. Parking spaces are located underground and the ground floor apartments have front gardens. The facades of the buildings are inspired by neoplasticism, an artistic approach that favours simple colours and abstract form. The Modranka Residence is an environmentally friendly building with a low impact on the environment and was built in accordance with the principles of sustainable development. Environmentally-friendly materials were used in the construction and products with a low content of volatile organic compounds were used for the interior finishing work. Emphasis was also placed on recycling and reducing construction waste, so even the demolition concrete found onsite was crushed and used as a base layer for new construction. The soil had to be decontaminated before the start of construction due to the former storage facilities of the Modrany sugar factory. For the landscaping in the park, local species of trees with low demand on irrigation were selected so that they did not have to be irrigated artificially. Heating is provided by low-emission gas boilers. The technology of forced ventilation with recuperation is used here, which has the advantage of being not only ecological and economical, but above all it is possible to exchange air without noise and dust from the surrounding traffic, unlike ventilation with open windows. The units are equipped with filters that capture dust and dirt, creating a healthier indoor environment. Electricity is saved by using automatic light sensors for the complex lighting and regenerative elevator drives in the elevators. The exterior walls of the building were designed with such quality that the energy performance certificate rating was assessed with almost zero thermal energy consumption and the tower received BREEAM certification. The last apartment building with commercial space on the ground floor that will complete the Modranka residence complex is currently under construction. LOXIA provided the architectural study, planning and building permits, execution documentation up to and including author's supervision.


22 700 m2


2015 - 2022


Horizon Modřany s.r.o.


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