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Prague 7 - Holesovice

The Prague Marina Nova project is located in Prague's Holesovice, north of the already completed project of the Prague Marina office and residential buildings, in the area between Jankovcova Street and the Holesovice docks. The proposed solution responds to the shape of the usable land, which is significantly limited by the flood walls which pass through the land of the project. The building is located on a part of land that is protected from floods and completes the block of flats. The main mass of the building has an L-shaped floor plan. The longer wing along Jankovcova Street has eight floors, of which two of them are recessed. The shorter southern wing has six floors and the eastern part has ten floors. The project proposes 148 apartments, a kindergarten, commercial units and 167 parking spaces. The volume of the buildings follow the same pattern as the old Prague Marina. To the east of the building, following the river, a public park is planned. On the ground floor along Jankovcova and V Pristavu streets there are shopping areas with covered entrance ways and a kindergarten. Commercial areas and restaurants are designed on the sides of the passage through the building leading to the pedestrian bridge. On the eastern side of the building, there is a publicly accessible road serving both for the installation of a flood wall and for access to the pedestrian bridge from the south side. The architectural solution is inspired by the historic port building and the industrial past of Holesovice. A combination of brick cladding, plaster and modern window shutters make up the street facade. Facades facing the river are mostly glass which provide beautiful views.


LOXIA provided the architectural study and the planning and building permits.


16 750 m2


2014 - to date


Daramis and Lighthouse Group


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