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Prague 2 - Vinohrady

A new modern apartment building will be built at the foot of Perucká stráň. Its task will be to fit naturally into the specific genius loci of Prague's Neo-Renaissance Vinohrady and to provide its inhabitants with pleasant living with 21st century comfort. The apartment building of clean, straight lines will hide in three floors the facilities for 15 apartment units of various sizes: from 1 + kk to 4 + kk. The attractiveness of the project is added by the playfully shaped facade. In some places it will recede into the background with loggias and in other places it will extend forward with attics. On the top floor there are only 2 apartments, adjacent to which are generous terraces with views of the surroundings. Perucká Street winds almost from Grébovka Park down to the Prague - Vršovice railway line. Thanks to its slight slope, it offers a pleasant view of Nusle, the south-eastern part of Vršovice and even Vyšehrad. On the ground floor there is a non-residential space, which is suitable for small administration with low traffic. The office will have its own access from Perucka Street and one of the four parking spaces at the level of the main street. As this is a new building, most of the parking spaces will be located on the underground floor with a utility room. As Perucká Street is adjacent to the railway line, we had to take into account sufficient soundproofing in the windows or stray currents of electrical discharges caused by the grounding of the line. These can adversely affect the operational safety of the building or the service life of the metal parts. For this reason, maximum protection in the form of increased reinforcement coverage, the use of specialised additives in the concrete and the placement of isolation couplings on metallic equipment entering the building. The project was prepared completely in the BIM system. LOXIA is providing comprehensive services of architect and general designer, prepared project documentation from the study phase, through the phase of planning and building permits, execution documentation, including the author's supervision and assistance with the occupation permit.


1 400 m2




private investor


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