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Prague 3 - Zizkov

Central Group, which is the investor of the project, has chosen a very unique way of creating a new district. The basic urban design of the revitalization of the neglected Žižkov Freight Station and its unique transformation into the residential Park District was created by architect Jakub Cigler. He was inspired by the classic block urbanism typical of old Zizkov or Vinohrady. Together with Central Group architects, Jakub Cigler's studio also prepared the internal layout of the individual blocks of houses. In order not to make the district monotonous, it will be given external variety by a number of Czech architects, who were selected by the investor and the chief architect in a competitive workshop. The authors of the individual houses will include ADNS, Aulik Fiser Architects, Boogle Architects, CMC Architects, Chybik+Krystof Associated Architects, Safer Hajek Architects, Jakub Cigler Architects, the Central Group architectural team and our architectural studio LOXIA. What is characteristic of the Park District and what gave it its name is the amount of greenery. The concept of a pleasant public space with greenery, water areas and bridges in the main pedestrian axis, tree lines in the streets and even greenery in the semi-public courtyards with places for relaxation has already been prepared. The area is dominated by a residential function with shops, services and restaurants in the ground floors of the apartment buildings. Our studio proposes a large kindergarten and blocks of houses III and IV in the Park District. The design of these houses respects the material solution given by the main architect of the project. At the same time, the proposed composition of the flats and their layout is also respected. The mass of the blocks is divided into smaller sections that represent different facades and create a variety and scale of the street similar to a classic Prague neighbourhood. The first two floors are proposed to be distinctly different from the rest of the facades to enliven the ground floor.


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