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Prague 6  - Břevnov

The Terraces Břevnov project, also called Rezidence Radimova, replaced an older unused building in Prague's Břevnov district. It was not easy to find a solution that would integrate organically into the surrounding buildings from different time periods. The residence has 42 apartments in layouts from 2+kk to 5+kk. The residential building attracts especially by its unconventional integration into the sloping terrain. We took advantage of this to create terraced gardens, which partly belong to the house and then create an urban park with places for relaxation. The whole building then retains the idea of its predecessor, i.e. the unusual transparent axis topped with a clock. The architectural design and overall layout combine elegance with simple and pleasing shapes. The building is designed as a symmetrically receding prism above ground, which is divided by balconies and cornices. The colour combination used also plays a significant role. The cornices, balconies and some of the surface elements are in a soft white and cream shade, while grey was chosen for the main body of the building in conjunction with the black non-prism superstructure. The use of noble materials, i.e. stone, metal and wood in combination with plaster and sheet metal cladding, has also been ingeniously combined. Despite the complex terrain, the building has managed to incorporate wheelchair accessible elements, not only in the apartments and other interiors, but also at the entrance and several wheelchair accessible garages. The surrounding area offers opportunities for leisure activities, such as the Břevnov Monastery or the area of the Hvězda Summer Palace. LOXIA provided comprehensive architect and general designer services, from the architectural study phase, through and icluding securing the building permit, tender and execution documentation to the author's supervision during construction and the final approval of the building.


4 850 m2


2014 - 2019




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